Lynn has been a life saver, she is the only support that 'got it'. I have been through and left an abusive marriage which left me struggling to cope. Other services either didn't want to know or didn't have the experience of working with domestic abuse and the resultant trauma to be of any use. I was really nervous about the judgement that usually comes with admitting my circumstance but there was none with Lynn. She was so warm and open, that for the first time in a long time I felt listened to. With her help I'm back n track and living for me again. Absolutely recommend her services 100% 

A Murkett

 Lynn helped me through a hard time in my life when a customer I was doing work for took his own life, for what ever reason that was. When I was struggling Lynn worked her magic and done something that still puzzles me to this day, it's like Lynn reprogrammed my thoughts to see happy images of me and my daughter and not the images of that day I had at work. I would highly recommend Lynn to anyone with any issues in life that she could help with no matter how big or small we think our problems are. Lynn helped me get my life back to normal and I can't thank her enough for doing so and from the bottom of my heart Lynn thank you, thank you very much. 

A Cone

 Lynn was recommended to me during a long battle with depression and lack of self confidence. I was sceptical on how she would be able to help and slightly nervous as to what to expect, being my first time seeing a counsellor. However, I felt an immediate rapport with Lynn! She allowed me to talk openly at my own pace and was very skilled at helping me establish my deeper issues. She worked with me to understand them, while challenging and helping to change my negative thought patterns. Lynn felt hypnotherapy would benefit me(again I was sceptical) but it really did help in so many ways. Changing my thought processes is still ongoing but I wouldn't have been able to start this positive journey without her! Lynn is very empathetic, professional, motivating and just a genuinely nice, down to earth lady! I sincerely recommend seeing Lynn and just wished I'd met her sooner. I'll be forever grateful for her support and encouragement. 

Anna Hurst